What is Pilates….

Pilates is an exercise system devised by Joseph Pilates who taught thoughtful and functional  movement  which when practiced regularly and with the Pilates principles of control from the bodies centre (or core) can bring the body back into healthy alignment and teach new postural habits so you can move more freely without strain.

Pilates image 1The exercises are devised to strengthen the body from its centre to provide stability from which to create smooth and controlled movement of the limbs thus helping to alleviate pain from movement patterns adopted due to live styles or injury.

Pilates is a low impact safe form of exercise for anybody, how and to what level you progress is determined only by any personal restrictions you may have .   The exercises are performed slowly and with care and attention to precise movements patterns which bring about fluid and controlled movement in order to realine the body and mind.

Many athletes now practice Pilates to keep their bodies aligned and as rehabilitation after injury.  Pilates compliments any exercise program you already undertake.

Emma Bayley, one of the Physiotherapists at our Hilton Clinic, is an APPI qualified Pilates Instructor and offers 1 to 1 Pilates Training at Hilton and also Pilates Classes run at locations around Hilton and Etwall. For further information on when and where classes are run and availability please contact Emma on 07974 159 813

Pilates image 2Beginners who have recently finished a course of physiotherapy and are ready for the next stage of rehabilitation will be referred into the classes with a written explanation of the individuals requirements and current exercise level. Thus you can be confident that the exercises are at the correct level for you and your body and after the course you should be able to progress to other classes and will have recovered some confidence in your exercise ability.

A variety of exercises classes are run at our Ashbourne Clinic in our new Rehab Centre – for more information click here.