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Physio First is the Organisation which represents Physiotherapists in Private Practice.

Physio First was formed in 1952.   It is an Occupational Group of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy and as such is formally recognised by the Council of the Chartered Society as representing the interests of its self-employed members.

Physio First has approximately 4000 members. Members are able to use the Physio First branding in all of their marketing material to show that they belong to a national professional group.

All members of the Chartered Society are bound by its Rules of Professional Conduct and Standards of Practice, regardless of whether they work within the public or private sector.

Patient Information Leaflets:

General Physiotherapy Information – Physio First Private Physiotherapy

NHS Choices – Ways to manage chronic pain

Information regarding recent injuries – Recent Injuries

Useful NHS link to NHS Change 4 Life

Information more specific to an existing condition or injury:

Helpful Videos

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